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How Much Fun Do You Want To Have?

Do you have discriminating, exquisite Nottingham tastes? So do we. Don't let any bad Nottingham weather kill the party mood. We’re mobile and shut out the outside world. Escape from the outside pressure. Step into the sleek interior of our party bus, there’s always a party going on inside, and anyone can join in. We make all exclusive events come true. Keep the party rolling all night long. We’ll give you the best laughs, memories, most fun, and night you’ll brag about to all your friends. Our Nottingham Party Bus service provides paramount skilled drivers in luxury Party Buses for all your party needs including outings, Bachelor Parties, Proms, kids birthday parties, Sports Events, and everything in between! We give you the privacy and mystery to do what you want for the night. We create the cool and open atmosphere to leave the night open to possibility. We have the state of the art sound systems and equipment to make the fun and free loving mood contagious. We provide the atmosphere, music jams, and entertainment you need to have the most epic night and sing your lungs out too. Enhance the energy with our sound system. We give you lifelike sound that fills the room and envelops everyone with the best audio for the best party experience. With a sound system that you can control with your phone, you never have to wonder whether or not the next song has a chance to kill your party. With over 100 music videos and three big screen TVs on board, you’ll be able to ensure that your guests have the greatest party of their lives. We let you be in control of your music and your party vibes, so every event is distinctive and incomparable to the last. Sing along with your favourite artists, we have a karaoke machine and microphone for hours of fun. Rate your friends singing performance or have a competition among your colleagues. Forget the problems, and dullness of everyday life, round up your best friends for an all-night party to let loose. If you’re looking to rejoice or trying to stay upbeat no matter the situation we help get your party on board, singing along and partying it out to your favourite hits. Cut loose and get the bodies moving. Our Nottingham Party Bus provide the spaced-out, stimulating, and sexy place to get into your party state of mind and stay there all night long. We're proud of our services to allow our guests to relax and enjoy the moment. Our Party Buses come with first-class leather seats to take you off in comfort. Relax, take a seat, and enjoy a drink or a couple more. Our professional staff and responsible chauffeurs look after and take care of every detail so you don’t have to worry about it. So all you have to do is enjoy the atmosphere of your local pub in your own private happy hour gathering. You can be driven to some of Nottingham's best bars. They have some of the greatest bars around including The Mushroom, Quilted Camel, and Bar 38. You get to party all the way to each of the bars, and then continue the party in the bar. No dare will be daunting as we take you to all the destinations of your choice. No hesitation or dull moments tolerated. With popular music to elevate the mood, uplift the day, and celebrate the good times. So matter what day of the week it is you’ll enjoy the weekend. After the bars, we’ll escort you over to a cloud pleasing nightclub in town. You can look forward to getting to visit places where the cocktails are the talk of the town. If you’re looking for a night out but don’t want to leave the comfort of the bus, than our Nottingham Party Bus might be more up your alley. This one is by you, for you, and about you. Enjoy the party that’s all set up without leaving the set. On this bus we also provide children’s birthday parties or events. Our Party Bus will have your kids party be the talk of the block, while being exclusive, and glamourous. They would stay in front of their house and be supervised as they dance and sing the day or night away. No worries, no stress, and all fun. For a day that’s truly on the town, gather a few friends and colleagues and travel in luxury as you go about the day having a good time. Use our Party Bus as you go shopping with your friend, or let us ferry you to all your destinations whims and needs. Bringing the party with you wherever you go. With all these options and varieties we know you and your special guests will have a great time. Book our Party Bus and make your party one to remember!

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